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*New feature in Nov-2013 : NMEA 0183 support on Apple iOS7.

Main Contents :



Brief Description :

NMEA GPS Tether (Global Positioning Satellite Tether). This mobile application will quickly share GPS  with another device over WiFi. This is especially useful when you have a big-screen tablet without GPS feature and a small-screen phone with GPS hardware. With a few clicks, your tablet will have GPS feature (virtually), as it will receive the GPS info from your phone!

Location data (aka location info) can be obtained mainly through 3 methods below. This application is specially developed to support both types, and to keep things familiar, it will just be called GPS. See FAQ below on how to enable them on your device.

1) GPS (this requires GPS hardware/feature/functionality)

2) Mobile telco network/WiFi, better known as Network (this requires & uses the telco’s network or WiFi)

3) NMEA 0183 (this requires an NMEA Talker/Server device, to send GPS data to Bricatta’s GPS Tether Client. Currently only available on the Apple iOS)


Objective :

To enable devices with GPS feature, to share GPS info with devices without GPS feature.

To send GPS info to a device which cannot receive GPS signal (e.g. indoors). See usage example below.

To be able to receive NMEA GPS data from a NMEA GPS Talker/Server device. This will only work on the NMEA GPS Tether Client for iOS only. Coming soon for Android!


How does it work :

It is very plain and straight-forward. This application solution will tether the GPS data (using WiFi) from a device with GPS feature, to another device. Both devices must be on the same WiFi network. No internet connection is required (free trial edition uses internet for advertisements only). For efficiency purposes, this application comprises of 2 small applications (must always have these inorder to work) :

  1. Server (used on device with GPS feature)
  2. Client (the device which will receive GPS data from Server)


For better usage of the software, the running states are described below :

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Show Mobile App Running States



Features :

  • Able to receive and decode NMEA GPS data (currently only available on Apple iOS)
  • Smartly establish and send GPS info over WiFi
  • Encrypt the GPS data before sending For security. This will avoid eaves-dropping and ensure only your devices will be able to receive the GPS data.
  • Save and conserve battery by setting application’s run time to your preference, so it does not need to run longer than needed. (paid version only)
  • Additional features such as settings to save battery power, such as GPS update speed. (paid version only)
  • App can run in background without interference, and notifiy if there are errors.
  • Able to run with 3rd part WiFi Tether app (e.g. Treve WiFi Tether)
  • Remembers previous server settings and automatically connect when started
  • Ability to disconnect clients on the server application.
  • User can specify server port to use
  • Scan server automatically
  • Manually add server for faster access
  • Touch text to copy GPS coordinates
  • Adjustable font size
  • Built-in Premium email support (paid version only)
* Some features may be different or unavailable on the Apple iOS app.



How To Use (Apple iOS Client) :

  1. Supports the latest iOS 7 !
  2. Install & setup the server app first on your Android phone. There is no server app for iPhone, as the iPhone will already automatically tether the GPS data to iPad (iPad mini).
  3. Under settings, uncheck the “Enable NMEA” setting, as we will NOT be using a NMEA GPS Talker/Server in this example.
  4. Key in the IP and port of the GPS Tether Server (see below on how to use the Bricatta’s GPS Tether Server app)
  5. Press on the round status-icon on the top-left corner to start.
  6. Once connected, the status-icon will change to yellow color (On)
  7. Wait for the GPS to lock on, then you will automatically see a marker on the map.





How To Use (Android Server & Android Client) :

  1. The quickly and best way to know how to use this solution is to view the YouTube video above. If you have problems understanding it, the detailed text is below.
  2. After installing the app, you will need to ensure your device settings are correct.
  3. For client, ensure the ‘mock locations’ is enabled. It is under Settings (see screen shot)
  4. For server, ensure the GPS is enabled. It is under Settings (see screen shot)
    Tablet_EnableLocService01GPS Settings01_2
  5. Ensure both server and client are on the same WiFi network. You can use your Android device to become a WiFi hotspot.
    WiFi Hotspot1
  6. Start the server and client.
  7. On the client, use the ScanServer button to scan for server. For faster access, manually add-in the server IP. Ensure the server ports are the same and connected.
  8. Once connected, both server and client should be in “On” status
  9. Wait for server’s GPS to “Lock-On”, and the client will automatically get the GPS data. Now you can use apps which requires GPS on the client.
  10. To secure the connection between the server and client, you can encrypt the data (under Settings). This will ensure that no other devices will obtain the GPS data.
  11. If you have frequent disconnection issues between the server & client, try disabling the “Listener” feature in the server.



  • Because of the extra security in Android 6 and above, you will need to ensure ‘Mock Locations’ are enabled under the ‘Developer Settings’ in your GPS-Tether-Client device.
  • Ensure the ‘GPS Tether Client’ app is selected under ‘Mock Locations’
  • See screen shots below.


Device Settings.png  Mock Locations Settings.png


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Examples :

Example 1

Example 2